Pubic Speaking

In 2015 I was at my wits end and I couldn’t bare life any further. I had manifested pain throughout my body and would scratch away at my arms due to being so frustrated with my own being. This was going to be the end.

I ended up at a Festival called Rainbow Serpent where the unexpected happened. I had an awakening. This was a shock to me as I didn’t even know what an awakening was. And although it took six months, twenty spiritual books and massive life changes to understand what was happening to me I was finally able to grasp what had happened.

My journey had begun to take me into the present moment, to challenge my ego and then to find spiritual leaders around the world. I had 20 years of depression behind me and now it was walking beside me like an old friend. I could feel it yet it no longer had a hold of me.

My name is Jamie Lee Woodman. The identity of ‘The Lonely Spaceman’ was an old solo music project of mine which I created after the success of my band ‘Plastic Spaceman’. I’ve written 3 fictional books, 1 self-help book, plus, the blogs on this site are working towards my most recent project. I do professional podcasts (on the back of my music recording experience), am the created of the successful ‘Rock For Catchment’ Charity events whilst also working in the Disability Sector.

My public speaking is not about telling people ‘what is’ but is instead an education into what people will experience whilst on a spiritual journey. I also offer an arrangements of different types of spiritual journey’s that people take. I explain the messages, the misinterpretations, the mistakes we all make along the way and concept that we are all individuals with our own focus and perceptions.

I am most well known for talking about the meaning in life through my Podcasts. Live, I go through various beliefs, concepts, interpretations and various answers about The Meaning of Life within 10 minutes. This is fun, stimulating and an entertaining way of getting the crowd thinking and engaged. Furthermore, I also run workshops within the speeches to get people moving and thinking. It’s not just a talk, it’s an experience.


The Lonely Spaceman Speaks About The Meaning of Life Speech