Podcast 19: The Workshop

I don’t often do this, though today I am going to ask you to do a workshop.

It’s cool talking about all this new age stuff though if we don’t apply it then are we really taking it all in? That’s why today I thought I would do something different. So if your keen please give it a go, otherwise, it still might be a great listen.

The workshop involves going into your past and changing the meaning of a pivotal moment in your life. The aim is to change what we perceive to be a negative effect on our lives to something more positive.

As always I try to make this fun! So if your interested please give it a go.

This will be the last podcast in Season 3, but don’t worry, season 4 is already half way complete and will be out soon.

Thanks for dropping by,

Podcast 18: The Butterfly Effect

Today we are continuing our Podcasts which focus on the topic of ‘The Past’. During this podcast we will be asking the below questions.

What is the Butterfly effect?

What is the deal with Yellowstone Park?

Can we change the world with a simple smile?

What if we changed one little aspect of the past (such as Hitler)?

What is the best way to face hate?

Are we being guided by forces we can’t see? If so, how can we limit this?

Can we create our own force which effects others?

Can we change our belief system’s by changing how we interpret our past?

Podcast 17: Fate

Today we are continuing our Podcasts which focus on the topic of ‘The Past’. During this podcast we will be asking the below questions.

Wait! I thought this podcast was discussing the Past? What does Fate have to do with the past?

How many questions do we ask (subconsciously) per day?

Is our past leading us to similar experiences in the future?

Does our past direct our focus?

Can we interrupt the patterns that define us?

Beyond these questions we are also going to run a little workshop at the end to interrupt any negative patterns you may want to get rid of. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Thank you for dropping by,

Podcast 15: Nature and Nurture

Today we are continuing our Podcasts which focus on the topic of ‘The Past’. During this podcast we will be asking the below questions.

Are we already past the point of saying ‘Nature Verses Nurture’ or is it excepted that both make us who we are?

Should a murderer get away with murder because they were more prone to violence based on their genes?

Are you where you are in life because you had a genetic advantage?

Can you change your genetic code?

How much did your environment effect your upbringing?

Is it true that violence, music skills, attractions, laziness and driving skills are all linked to your genes?

Podcast 14: The Past and All That Science Stuff

Welcome to Season 3 of the Lonely Spaceman Speaks about the meaning of life.

During this season we will be focusing on various topics which all revolve around ‘The Past’. Not only will we get into your psychology though we will also explore some of the greatest questions human kind has ever asked.

Today though, we are focusing on all that science stuff which includes:

Can we ever travel back in time to the past?

Was the movie Interstellar correct?

What is the fourth dimension?

What happens when you travel closer to the speed of light?

What is the theory of relativity?

How does discussing the past aid you in a spiritual journey?

Podcast 13.5 Check out the new Podcast Intro!!!

Hi all,

It’s official, the new podcasts are completed!!! The first episode begins next week yet today your can hear the brand new intro. I also go through what we will be discussing during this seasons topic of ‘The Past’

The first 13 podcasts (which can be found on this site) got such great feedback that I went to the effort of ensuring they are on more Android Sites. They are of course already available for free on Itunes, Spotify and this site as well. Please note that only the most recent 10 podcasts are available on each streaming site yet you can get them all here at thelonelyspaceman.org. By the end of this season there will be over 20 podcasts available on this webpage. Furthermore, the podcasts will be available on this site a whole 2 day’s before the other streaming sites if you need an early fix.

Watch out for the new releases which will include topics such as ‘Do We Have Free Will?’ ‘Nature Verses Nurture’ ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and much, much more. Remember, these podcasts are based on the information given in the blogs that are released on this site if you wanted further information.

I’m really excited about these new releases and I hope those that have been waiting for a while feel that it was all worth the wait.

Thanks so much

The Lonely Spaceman