Season 5 Start’s Tuesday 10/3/20

That’s right everyone, Season 5 start’s next Tuesday!

This season is going to be on the Present, and furthermore there is a whole 12 episodes to be released!!! The first two will be dropping next week so get ready for a wild ride.

During this season the amazing Natalie Brewer will be joining me to discuss her amazing experience with Presence throughout a very adventurous life. It is an interview not to miss.

Remember, all podcasts can be found on Alternatively, you can download the last 10 episodes on all good Podcasting sites.

I hope you enjoy,

The Lonely Spaceman

Merry Christmas

Whilst I am in the middle of recording season 5 of the Lonely Spaceman Podcast I wanted to send a very special Merry Christmas to everyone out there.

As I have said in the past, this time of year can be very trialing for some people. Some are traveling whilst others have to work, and then there are those who have lost someone recently or have been through a breakup. Furthermore, some people just don’t feel like partying and therefore see the whole Christmas cheer as an insult to the way that they are feeling. And trust me, I get it! I have been there before.

About 5 years ago I wrote a tune called ‘The Lonely Christmas song’. I had just been through a massive breakup which would lead to THE darkest period of my life. The following year I honestly didn’t think that I would survive yet I was lucky (in all senses of the word) to get through unharmed, physically at least. Furthermore, I got all my friends together during my next birthday party and made them sing at the end of this song. As you can hear, we were all a little drunk and having a ball. I guess in some way this song which represented a very dark chapter in my life had been turned around to mean so much more. Hence why I wanted to share it today.

So to all those out there in the world I wish you a safe and relaxing Christmas. I look forward to a great 2020.


The Lonely Spaceman

Podcast 19: The Workshop

I don’t often do this, though today I am going to ask you to do a workshop.

It’s cool talking about all this new age stuff though if we don’t apply it then are we really taking it all in? That’s why today I thought I would do something different. So if your keen please give it a go, otherwise, it still might be a great listen.

The workshop involves going into your past and changing the meaning of a pivotal moment in your life. The aim is to change what we perceive to be a negative effect on our lives to something more positive.

As always I try to make this fun! So if your interested please give it a go.

This will be the last podcast in Season 3, but don’t worry, season 4 is already half way complete and will be out soon.

Thanks for dropping by,