Podcast 19: The Workshop

I don’t often do this, though today I am going to ask you to do a workshop.

It’s cool talking about all this new age stuff though if we don’t apply it then are we really taking it all in? That’s why today I thought I would do something different. So if your keen please give it a go, otherwise, it still might be a great listen.

The workshop involves going into your past and changing the meaning of a pivotal moment in your life. The aim is to change what we perceive to be a negative effect on our lives to something more positive.

As always I try to make this fun! So if your interested please give it a go.

This will be the last podcast in Season 3, but don’t worry, season 4 is already half way complete and will be out soon.

Thanks for dropping by,

3 thoughts on “Podcast 19: The Workshop

    1. Hi Miriam, good to hear from you! How have you been? I actually just started putting the podcasts on Spotfi haha, yet only got the last 10 on there. Great to hear you are enjoying them! P.S sorry on the slow reply, been having some tech issues of recent 🙂

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      1. That’s no worries. I know about those tech issues! Just get back from some weekend camping in our new van. Look forward to checking out more of your podcasts. Cheers 😊


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