The New Podcasts begin NEXT WEEK!!

Hi everyone, I have exciting news! As of next week I will be releasing new weekly Podcasts!

Didn’t know that I had a Podcast channel? Well, not only are the last 10 episodes available via Itunes and most Android sites, you can also download the entire 13 podcasts via the below link, direct from The Lonely Spaceman site itself. I will also be available on even more sites in two weeks.

Next week I am going to give you a sneak peak at the new intro and then we are getting right into it. I thank you all for your patience. As some of you know, I go to great lengths to try to make these podcasts as professional as possible, and I think I’ve raised the bar once again with these new releases. I hope you think the same.

So get ready, because as of next week The Lonely Spaceman Podcasts will be released on your favorite sites.


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