Chapter 5, Part 6. If a tree fell in the woods and no one was around to hear it would it make a sound?

Okay, so there is no need to explain this question in much detail. The principle is simple. If no one is around the tree to hear it crash then does this mean that the sound ever existed?

Now in today’s age you will have to forget about sound waves from the sound which ripple onward through the world and beyond crashing into other soundwaves. And let’s also forget about the obvious bugs and microbes that would also be able to hear/feel the impact of the fall. Or… Do we forget?

This within itself is a wonderful insight to the fact that this world is more than just humans. It also contains living things so small that they can not be seen with the naked eye. In fact, in Quantum Mechanics life is particles, and therefore everything is life. We never truly die as we ourselves are made of particles and these particles don’t die just because our body breaks down. Particles go on and on. They are not fixed in time and they do not work to our laws of physics. The very thing that we are made of and that everything is made of is beyond our comprehension. Therefore, bringing it back to the tree, we must acknowledge that we are never truly alone when life is active 24/7, even if it is so small that we can’t even comprehend it. So, does that blow your mind? No! Okay, I’ll try harder.

The real point of this tree question is to get you to a point of true wonder, that moment of inspiration where pure insight smacks you across the face like a cold fish. I am sure you have had multiple of these moments across your life. You probably have received it by thinking about how small you are in the universe or possibly how you don’t have all the answers to life. Or maybe it’s not so bold, it’s possibly just a realisation of who you are or how you perceive a part of your reality. Maybe it’s a reflection of how short life is or how fast time fly’s by, but regardless,  it’s a moment when you have true insight and presence which makes you forget about everything else. It’s like the world just opened up to you for a split second which was enough time for you to get interested yet not enough time to hold onto. It’s an amazing experience.

Looking beyond our basic everyday perception is something that can be challenging to our psychology. This is why we hang out in similar groups and with others that agree with our belief systems. We are more comfortable having others reinforce that we are correct. Yet if we are willing to go beyond this, think a little bit harder and challenge the fundamentals of our core beliefs, well, then that is when true insight comes.

Knowing everything is knowing nothing. Whilst finding ourselves or following a spiritual path (or whatever it is that people decide to do) it is important to remain open minded. Our path is defined by our perception and our beliefs, therefore, the more walls you break down the more doors that open up. Spirituality leads this line of thought yet as already discussed above, science also follows the understanding that many things (at this stage in human evolution) are far beyond our comprehension.

So the point of this blog is this. If you are willing to do so it is great to play with your perception. Seeking unanswerable questions and then pondering on them is not a waste of time yet a learning lesson in life. The more eureka moments you have the more open you become and the more you expand past your own limitations. It’s basic growth of the mind. Putting up walls (Donald Trump might want to be aware of this) is nothing more than fearing truths that are beyond your own understanding. It takes true courage to embrace differences of opinion and perception rather than just preparing for your next argument about how you are right. There is no right or wrong in the end, there is just being open to the world or shutting it down.

Tree in the woods Jamie Lee Woodman a.k.a The Lonely Spaceman.jpg


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