Interlude – The Lonely Christmas Song

I’m all for rejoicing in the idea of Christmas. Despite consumerism amongst bad traffic which coincides with long lines, horrible carols and stressed out shoppers, the idea of coming together over Santa is a beautiful thing… YOU heard!

Beyond the ownership that certain religions attempt to take of good old St Nick there were actually many different people in our history that did wonderful things who were referenced as being just like our good old Santa. Across the world there were multiple people that would give gifts to the poor, gave aid and some were just plan generous to say the least. And yes, it all got caught up in the Christmas Coca-Cola infomercials and promotions yet it’s worth remembering that St Nick was about kindness to others.

Now if you google ‘bad Santa’ I am sure you will find some horrible and possibly corrupt people as well, though this is expected and that there is always going to be ying and yang. In the end many of us are simply guided by our own perceptions to either take the Christmas spirit as being a corporate creation or alternatively to see it as a time to rejoice. Each to their own, and please feel free to have your own opinion, there is no judgement here.

In regards for the recent discussion about Santa being a woman, I am open to the idea. Let misses’ clause have a run. There have been many beautiful women that have done amazing and kind things throughout history so maybe it is time for a change. I’m not really weighing in on the argument as it is not the purpose of this blog though I thought it was worth noting.

So, today I am writing because, well, I like to write haha. I am also writing because about 3 years ago I wrote ‘The Lonely Christmas Song’. I am not expecting people to listen to it (although the link will be listed below) yet I did want to express something that I think is important.

There was one point in my life where I thought that I was facing my last Christmas. It was a dark time for multiple reasons, and, the reason I wrote the song in the first place. I was down, kicked in the guts and in a rut. It is also for this reason that having people shove Christmas down my throat every two seconds made me sick to my stomach. I was alone, freshly out of another breakup and things had fallen to crap. I am sure many of you can relate.

Despite my poor mindset during this Christmas I did do something interesting to compensate. As you know, I had written the Christmas song. What you don’t know is that I wrote it because I was sick of hearing carols and cheer about how wonderful life was, and therefore, I needed something I could sympathise with. And as was my stile at the time, I decided to create it myself.

The end result was that on Christmas day I put on my own song (yes pathetic I know) pored myself a scotch on the rocks, sat in a nice comfortable chair and raised a drink to myself. Beyond everything I had gone through that year I had survived. I took a deep breath, relaxed my shoulders and for the first time I felt a certain satisfaction.

I know that there are many others out there who are traveling, working, feeling isolated and so forth this Christmas. And therefore, I offer you an idea of lifting a glass (of whatever liquid you drink) up to the sky in a quiet toast to yourself. And if you feel, hold it up for all the others out there that may be feeling the same as you. Why? Because you did it! You got through some of the worst and most annoying repetitive tortuous music society has ever created. In fact, I am sure that in the future, Christmas music will be placed in torcher chambers around the world for the worst of our kind! It’s only fitting and would drive the strongest of us insane.

Anyway, all jokes aside, I am speaking openly so please do things as you see best. But, if I can offer some advice, don’t be harsh on yourself this Christmas. Acceptance is a beautiful thing, and as many shops and bars are closed on this day it’s a great opportunity to let your hair down and catch up on some of your favorite Netflix. You deserve it!

I wish you well this coming Christmas day. And if you feel like giving this song a crack, I hope you enjoy it.

Take care,

The Lonely Spaceman