The Spaceman Discography

Whilst on break I have been asked about the music that’s in the background of my podcasts. I’m all about sharing so here is my discography. If you want to download some or all of these songs (I will give it to you for free) please contact me via this site or Facebook. Unfortunately the download feature is only available via the WordPress Business package hence why it can’t be done at the moment, this said I can upload the album you want to my Soundcloud account…

Below there are over 80 songs. Please note that the songs range from Mellow to Folk, Rock and Roll, Punk and even Metal. The recording quality changes dramatically depending on the song/album and what software I was trialing at the time. There’s bound to be something here for everyone. Thanks…

Let’s start off with my latest work and go back from there.

The UnknownRock. This is my most recent recording of an old tune I wrote some time back. A story of a loner who believes that he is destined to walk through this life by himself, yet he yearns for the affection of the one thing he has never had, true love.

The Third UniverseFolk. My newest art and what I am most proud of. This is folk music with true stories about life, journey and meaning. Look out for the Melbourne band called Babel Fish as you might be able to see these songs performed live in the near future.

The Second Universe – I wrote these rock/punk songs for a band called Plastic Spaceman yet the group finished before I could introduce them. I am specifically proud of the song ‘Cup of Wine’ which takes off from the end of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ protest song (which ended in 1990) and brings this inspiration up to 2018 (year by year). All of this is done within the bridge. Up until this point the song can be confused with a love song though this is not the case. All songs on this album are protest songs.

The Lonely Spaceman – The UniverseRock. And why did I call it ‘the universe?’ Well it involves looking up at the stars at 4am with a bunch of hippies where I made a promise to the Universe that I would write an album about it if it gave us a shooting star. It gave us 3 within 20 seconds. That’s the fluffy story and now it’s time for the dark one. Writing depressing songs isn’t new to me though this time I had hit the lowest of lows. Fresh out of a breakup, in an abusive low paying job, jaded by life, consumed by anger and betrayal, lost within madness and not wanting to go on. That’s how I created this light hearted album about rainbows… Oh wait, that’s not right. Although I am not happy about what I sang, how I sang it and why it needed to be done, it is art. Outside of the repeated complaining about how my life sucked and how unfair the situation was (which I blamed all on my ex) musically it was one of my best compositions. A special thank you to Laurence Hewson who did a couple of the backing vocals, and to Sarah Lexia for doing the lead vocals on ‘And Then We’re Done’.

Plastic Spaceman – Rock/blues. EP release 2013. Lucy Lockett on Drums, Russel Murchie Bass, Jamie Lee Woodman Guitar and Vocals. We had so many successes I don’t even know where to start. Our EP was played on radio around Australia. We were regulars on Triple R, performed at the best venues with the most talented and well known bands in Melbourne, performed at Moomba Festival, had a yearly Movember fundraising performance, assisted in creating 2 different charity events, supported female Drummers with ‘Chicks with Sticks’ and hosted, held and ran the ‘Rock for Catchment’ fundraiser 3 times for a youth refuge which raised over 10K in profit for the group. It’s also worth noting that the song SPACEMAN is the title song on the podcasts.

Plastic Spaceman (Self Recorded) – These are the other songs we used to play in Plastic Spaceman that we never got around to recording as a group. These are mostly takes of the songs that I put together for the band to listen to when we first got together. They came up quite well.

Sammy – Mix of music. Don’t expect consistency with the below songs. At one point I was trying to create 3 separate albums for comedy, depression and a positive uplifting rock album. Many songs from this album were added to Plastic Spaceman’s set and to other projects.

Change is Back – Acoustic album. That’s right, a completely new concept by creating a heartbreak album… Oh Wait… Well it’s not a new idea yet I believe this album still stands strong today. Also check out ‘The Raven’ which was a secret track. I converted the poem by Edward Allan Poe into this song. I had to leave out a few verses though it came out well. Special thanks to Johanna Dutton for her amazing backing vocals.

The Meaning of Life – Rock. I had an idea of creating a concept album that linked my life to human society which in return mirrored the history of human kind. The idea was to follow the lead of Pink Floyd which created a flow between each song whilst diving into the deepest parts of my psyche. Each song had over 50 tracks of various instruments all doing their own thing. The complication was that I did not have the skills at the time to mix it all together and bring out the complexity the album offered. That being said, it did become the meaning of my life which would in the end be one of the reasons this site is called what it is. Special thanks to Johanna Dutton for her amazing backing vocals.

P.S The first song is 4 seconds of silence. That’s right, I recorded silence…

Strange Angel – Commercial. Most of the best tracks on this album were from the band William ShatNa’s Pants (below). This album was my first trial at home recording and was mostly a setup for The Meaning Of Life. Regardless of the quality there were some nice tracks on this album. It’s very commercial and PC friendly, I think.

William ShatNa’s Pants – Metal Rock. 3 piece band comprising of Luke Lawless (Bass), Max Paterson (Drums) and Myself (Guitar and Vocals). 5 Track EP. This was a fun band and we had great times whilst learning the music industry. Special thanks to Luke for being an awesome dude in my life and a brilliant bass player.

William ShatNa’s Pants (continued) – Although the band was over we still had the drum tracks, therefore Luke and I kept recording. I mixed these songs at different times within my recording abilities so they might sound a little varied.

That’s the end of the downloadable tracks, the below is an outline of the beginning of my music carer.

The Overseas EP – 3 songs written by myself and recorded in a documentary editing studio that I snuck into in England.

Page 3 – 4 track EP (Songs written by Jake Scarmozzino) with a four piece band. I was on lead guitar.

Drift – 12 song album (acoustic with various artists)

Day to Day (acoustic)- Jake Scarmozzino and Jamie Lee Woodman (EP 3 songs written by Jake).

Ana-Tolia – (Turkish or Greek for Sunrise) comprised of myself, Jake Scarmozzino, Brad Matthews and Sarah Rush.  11 Songs inclusive of Fast Lane Boy written by Jake Scuma.

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