My Books are on Amazon!!!

A while back I wrote 4 books and released them on Amazon. I didn’t want to push sales on people nor did I want to take my own version of expression and taint it in any way, so instead I through them online and left them without thinking twice. I’ve reduced all the prices to basically a dollar if you are interested.

One of the books is gone, the mere thought of it was depressing as I delved deep into my psychological pain at the time. It’s a pity though, it was my best work.

The first book I wrote was called ‘The Book of Shara’. If you like well written books with poetic sentences and brilliant spelling I would not read this one. It was my first book and although fun, action packed and full of brilliant ideas and hero’s, it’s not a masterpiece. Each chapter ends in a cliff hanger and it was actually a compilation of two separate ideas I had. I still think that one day I may continue writing smaller books and continue the story line. Basically it’s set in two different time lines, post and pre-apocalyptic. I know what your thinking, how unique! Yet I still like the basic theme… Special thanks to Daniel Raleigh, Johanna Dutton and Darron Rochford for being on the cover. Special thanks for Darren for also doing the photo and artwork.

The second book I wrote was called the Vitreous. I was still getting used to writing and my spelling/wording was getting a bit better, yet it was not perfect. That said, once again the story holds up well. I won’t give away the story line though I will say that it’s cross between ‘The Sixth Sense’ and ‘Constantine’. The first half of the book and second half work differently as I focused a lot of character development and structure. Oh, and the graphics for these books are all done by Darren Rochford (you are amazing!!!!) whilst the photo on this cover is actually of a friend of mine Dean Nichols before we went to see a Foo Fighters concert.

The last book I released was actually a self help book. Truthfully I have no idea how it reads. The idea was to create a self help book where people chose their own path as I was sick of ‘know it all’s’ coming up with one stop solutions for everyone. This book is called ‘Choose Your Own Life’ because it is based on the choose your own adventure novels from the eighties. The idea is that you go to the chapter which lists your problem, then, there are multiple options to choose from about how you might want to challenge, change, resolve, live or deal with those issues. It was based on you being in control. Although this was a great idea I rushed the living crap out of it. It was also pre-awakening so it’s not very spiritual nor as open minded as I am now. I myself was going through my own problems at the time and had hit rock bottom, plus, the Amazon link made it impossible at the time to skip chapters properly, therefore you have to go back to the beginning to find the next chapter you were after. The idea once again was brilliant though the execution could have had more work. That said, I was a go getter when I was younger. I took no crap and spoke honestly and directly. I hope someone gets good use out of this idea if nothing else.

Thanks everyone,

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