Podcast 7. How does the brain work?

Why is it that many people who go through the process of learning how to live in the present end up looking into their past?

The reason is that people who undergo this process end up realizing that they have anchor’s to old memories which are limiting their present moment. Old belief systems are no longer relevant and yet they are stopping us from doing what we want more than anything else!

Therefore if we want to experience the present, sometimes, it is worth looking at our past and realizing if the beliefs we created are still valid.

For this reason, in this podcast, we explore the brain and how neuron-transmitters work.

3 thoughts on “Podcast 7. How does the brain work?

    1. That’s great insight, thanks. Yes, it appears hard nowadays to create our own reality, especially with so many influences. I also love the belief that the world is a reflection of ourselves, meaning that without even knowing it we are still the creators of our own reality đŸ™‚ I wouldn’t have a clue how to tap 100% into that though haha. Perception is such a fascinating thing…

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