The Lonely Spaceman Youtube Channel

That’s Right!!! The face that was made for radio has turned up on Youtube, though there is a good reason for it.

During the creation of The Lonely Spaceman Podcasts I interview some of the greatest minds in Australia. These people give amazing answers to some of the biggest questions human kind has ever asked. Yet to make podcasts flow there is a lot of editing which is required and therefore a lot of information is left out.

The Lonely Spaceman Youtube channel will show the complete Interviews from start to finish. Yet to make it easy to navigate (and so you don’t have to sit through 2 hours of speaking) I have cut the interview down to each individualized question.

Today’s release is a simple explanation of why The Lonely Spaceman project exists and why the Youtube channel has been created. Yet later this week I will be releasing my interview with Steven Smith who talks about Perception and Focus. Speaking of which, the first installment of the Podcast about Perception and Focus will also be released soon.

This is just the beginning of many larger things to come, so put on your philosophy cap and let’s get into the greatest mysteries of life, the universe and everything.

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