Chapter 3, Part 9, Are you ready to make a positive change?

Yes, it’s going to be one of those blogs where I ask you to do stuff which will increase the quality of your life. But if this isn’t your vibe (this is me being cool) then still stick around. I will also be closing off this chapter. Now let’s get moving…

Think about a moment in your past that created a disempowering belief. See it from today’s perspective and remain a fly on the wall whilst you tap into the belief/shame or disappointment that the occurrence created.

As you play the moment over in your mind realise that the situation, mistake or event has happened and can’t be undone. Acceptance is always a valued step towards healing. And although we are going through the event once again, beyond this point we are accepting that we no longer need to relive this moment over in our minds any further.

Once you have remembered the moment I want you to pinpoint the original disempowering lesson which came from the experience. What was it? How has this disempowered you in the present via the way of actions, lack of actions, negative thoughts or lack of confidence? What questions has it made you ask? If at all possible it is worth writing these answers down or at least giving it a minutes thought.

Now that you know the disempowering belief and how it affects you, I would like you to come up with a new empowering perception to replace it. What is the opposite message to what you originally received? What new belief would excite you, give you confidence and/or make your life more enjoyable? Take your time and come up with something awesome. Think about this for a moment and let a smile come over your face when you do it. Really embrace the empowering sensation as if this was already a fixed belief within your psyche.

It is now time to swap your old perception to the new one. To do this we require a little faith.

Keep holding onto the idea that the new empowering perception is your reality. Feel how much better things are and have faith that this is something that will continue within you from this point forward. Understand that the fact that you remembered the past event, have thought of it during reading this blog, and are now trying to change it, mean’s that you are ready to do this now. Not tomorrow, not in a year’s time, NOW! If you have faith that this is why you are here RIGHT NOW then you are right! It’s the faith that this is true which will guide your new belief to be true. You are the creator of your reality and only you control your perception of life. You’re past has brought you to this exact moment, right here, right now. And I can state this confidently because you ARE here right now reading this! Therefore by default this moment is meant to be! So pump yourself up with energy and feel connected to everything around you. You deserve a positive mindset! Everyone does!

If for any reason you don’t feel pumped to change, THEN PUMP YOURSELF UP! Get into it! Yes, I am a bit of a nutter for saying this, but what the hell! You live once! Get inspired! And when you are feeling great about your new belief stop reading for a second and embrace the moment. Make movements, yell at the top of your lungs, dance, do what comes naturally and feel the passion! Enjoy it and come straight back…

Did you do it? Are you inspired? I hope so 🙂

This type of change is effective, not because I am a great blogger, but because if you took this seriously, your psychology must already be demanding a positive shift. Once your mind is in this state it just requires a source of inspiration. For this reason you may want to come back to this blog at a later date if that inspiration is not currently within you….

Before we go onwards there is one more final step, and it is something that we have done in a previous blog. I want you to come up with some positive questions and answers to replace the old negative ones you used to use. And over the next 48 hours I would like you to lay witness to your thoughts. Each time you notice a negative thought, I want you to remember the positive feeling you have now and replace those old questions with the new ones. And that’s it, no more is required.

These steps may all sound simple yet a massive amount has just been done:

You accepted that the past can’t be changed (which gives you closure)

You have the inspiration (which creates long lasting impressions).

You are aware of your old patterns (meaning you are focused on the present moment)

You will remain aware of your future thoughts and replace the old ones with new positive ones (which means you are changing your automatic pattern so that you don’t relive the old disempowering mindset blindly)

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took a whole two days to build it so please have patience… eeerrrrr. Okay, you got me. The first 48 hours is the most important and will make certain that permanent changes to your psyche will occur. Yet the longer you remain focused on your thoughts and changing them the more effective it is for the long term. So please feel free to focus for a week or even a month if you are inspirited to do so. It will change your life.

In conclusion:

We all know the Terminator saying ‘there is no fate but what we make’. I believe that this is just as prevalent for the past as it is for the future. The story we tell about our past affects us immensely in today’s reality. By taking that moment in our past and stating that the reason for it was to bring you to where you are right now is a powerful message. And as stated before, it’s a true one because you ARE here now.

I see the past, the present and the future as all being aligned. If you apply a positive message to your past experiences, it means that you will be searching for signals to justify this truth within the present and future. And this is why it is so important. If you apply a negative belief to a past experience such as ‘you’re not good enough’ then you seek this belief in the present. Yet if you change your experience to mean something positive such as ‘you are good enough’ then you seek this positive message instead. This is all about perception and focus.

So the main message in this chapter is regarding faith. It is important to believe that things have happened in your life for a reason, and furthermore, for you to be the one that writes that story. You are and always have been the one that controls what the past means to you. So make your faith work with you instead of against you. And once this is done you will begin to see positive aspects in your life that you never had noticed before. Not necessarily because they weren’t there, but because you never noticed them.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. In many ways it is a part of a trilogy. Next, we will be talking about the future before heading to one of the most important chapters in this book, the present.

Change Jamie Lee Woodman a.k.a The Lonely Spaceman

3 thoughts on “Chapter 3, Part 9, Are you ready to make a positive change?

  1. Replacing negative emotions with positive ones, sounds good to me and something that I try to do daily. Though I’m not always so successful. Great thought provoking and inspiring post as usual.

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