Chapter 3, Part 8, Chaos theory

In the last chapter I talked about the butterfly affect for two reasons. Firstly, it’s very cool. Secondly, it’s a chaos theory.

It doesn’t matter if a butterfly flapping its wings causes a hurricane or not, the only thing that matters is what you believe. If you believe that the hurricane was created by the butterfly then this is your truth, and if you believe that it wasn’t, then this is also your truth. Yet I have already explained this so let’s continue moving forward.

A while ago, one of many events occurred in your life which began one of many butterfly affects. As stated a couple of chapters ago, it could be in an area of negativity towards your job, finding a partner, making friends, finding a house, getting to better health, viewing the world as a bad place and so forth. We all have something.

Part of meditation, yoga, self-analysation, awareness, enlightenment, duality and so forth is about focusing the mind to the present. And once you are present you start questioning why you are thinking/doing certain things which don’t make sense. Inevitably, you trace these thoughts/acts back to an event that occurred in your past. It is then that you realise that your past butterfly affect is dictating your current and inevitably future decisions.

For many of us we don’t need the aid of ayahuasca to pinpoint these changing moments in our past. We know the most dramatic moments, and unless it was so intense that we have supressed the memory, this awareness opens a door to a great opportunity for change.

Let me simplify. A while ago something happened in your life (the butterfly flapping its wings). When it occurred it had an impact on your belief system. This created a negative focus towards others, yourself or your abilities. Since, the focus has been limiting your life via disempowering you through asking yourself negative questions. The negative questions (which contain presuppositions) make you give negative responses, and now you feel hopeless. As a quick example, you may ask ‘why am I so stupid?’ which inevitably guides you to the answer ‘because you’re an idiot.’

So how do we change these limiting beliefs? Well, if you know where those beliefs started it is actually a simple process.

By taking yourself back to a pivotal moment in your life you can re-write what this part of your story means. It is important to remember that a failure or mistake is nothing more than a learning curve or a change of direction in your life. And now, what we want to do is ensure that the change is a positive one for you in the present. To do this we not only need to apply a different meaning to the event, we also need to have faith.

Faith may be an interesting term for some, though it simply implies the following. What you went through in your past has a greater meaning than what you currently believe. You just don’t know what the greater meaning is yet. The original meaning that occurred naturally was not of your conscious control and was tied up within your ego. Yet now that you have learned from this experience and you are wiser, you can create a deeper meaning for what has happened in your past, which in return enhances your current perception of life.

So let’s do it in the next blog which will be the final for this chapter. See you soon.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3, Part 8, Chaos theory

  1. I found this to be such a fascinating post. I think I had a Butterfly Effect moment a couple of years ago and it’s still impacting on my life today. A result of a distraction which has resulted in chaos internally, stress and other intense emotions. But I can’t let it go, that’s the problem. So much has changed. Anyway, this was a thought provoking post for me.

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    1. Thanks Miriam 🙂 As always, it’s great hearing from you 🙂 I hope the post that is coming out next week will help your situation in some way. It’s a process I have been using for some time.

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