Chapter 3, part 2, The past and why I am writing about this?

As the header of this chapter clearly states, I am going to delve into why ‘the past’ is so important to our lives. And once we understand the context, it is then that we can truly appreciate the importance of the information. So let’s get started…

Everything you do, all that you are mentally, and how you perceive reality is 99% based on events and experiences that you have had in your past. Although genetics are proven to have certain influences, most of the way you think has come down to your environment, the emotional events that occurred in your life, and finally, dumb luck.

You did not come out of your mothers whom a democrat or liberal voter. Nor were you born with the confidence (or lack of) to walk up to a potential partner and ask them out. Your emotional and cognitive status came through your experiences and/or lack of experiences in life. In short, you are who you are because of the life that you have lived.

Of cause, since the industrial revolution our society has not focused heavily on emotional stability, reflection or maintenance of the mind. Instead competition, greed, survival of the fittest and being thrown into the deep end have been the main themes. Therefore it is no shock that our own emotional scars and trauma’s trigger pathways to addictions, depression, mental health problems, breakdowns, stress, heart disease, suicide and in one form or another, early death.

Some people appear to make life work, though for the majority of us, we suffer in silence. And this is why the new age turn to topics such as the present, awakenings, egos, enlightenment and mindfulness. They do this via things such as meditation, focus and yoga. This will obviously be covered thoroughly within the chapter about ‘The Present’.

Our subconscious is yearning to be heard, so whilst we try to embrace the present it is our past that arises. When we separate our ego within the present moment we can find weird beliefs and perceptions that simply don’t reflect our current lives. It is here that we trace our life back to when those beliefs came to be. And once we find them, we can question whether they make sense to us in the present. It is then at this stage that emotions such as anger, worry, doubt and fear can be worked through. Yet it is not just about acknowledging the past. We can also change the meaning of it if we wish.

‘Our life is our perception therefore our existence is a story that we create ourselves’

So why is the past so important? Because once we understand the past it leads to growth, learning, emotional stability, connection with our-self and self-love all within the present.


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