Interlude: You are currently traveling at 1280 K’s a second!

Just to freak you out, if you are on Earth (therefore not an alien in space reading my blog, and if you are, what’s the deal with all of the anal probes?) then you are constantly moving. That’s right, even if you are sitting on a chair keeping completely still you are still moving at incredible speeds. How? Well this is where it gets cool.

Although it is relative to where you are situated on the globe, most of us near the equator are turning at a ruff speed of 1000K’s an hour. Of cause we don’t feel this because time is relative (which I will explain in the next post) yet at all times we are moving this fast.

But stop!! There is more. Not only are you traveling 1000K’s around the globe, the Earth is also rotating around the sun at 107,000K’s an hour. We know this by the distance between the sun, the Earth, and when we do a complete rotation.

Yet wait!!! There is still more. The sun is currently moving through our galaxy at 72,420 K’s per hour. We know this as we can compare ourselves with the positions of the other stars. And whilst we are looking at this we may as well discuss the rotation of the Milky Way which is going at 885,000 K’s around our galaxy, which itself is moving at 405,000K’s through the universe. There is of cause the fact that the universe could be moving as well though I checked my brain out of the door about two paragraphs ago and can’t continue further.

So why am I letting you know this? Is it just a way of getting back at our gym instructors by telling them how many K’s we did today? Is it to make Aliens think twice about their little weird ways of showing expression to us? No. It’s just to make your think.

At any moment you are traveling at approximately 4,595,000 K’s per hour or 1,280 K’s per second. It’s not exactly the speed of light though it is pretty impressive. And whilst you are doing this you are not even aware of it.

Sometimes we need to step back and realise that there is much more happening beyond our perception. There is so much amazing stuff out there and yet we get fixated on how someone took our seat on the train, on how bob got the promotion we were after, or, how life is unfair. I know the old proverb ‘respect what you have’ can be annoying, but I believe that this is primarily because we don’t actually realise what we have. When we bring ourselves inward and into the present moment the true beauty of this world can warm our hearts. It’s not always easy to be aware of, and it is not always easy to embrace it, yet if possible, it is worth stopping once in a while and yelling S#@T Balls! I just moved 1,280K’s in one f*%king second 🙂


4 thoughts on “Interlude: You are currently traveling at 1280 K’s a second!

  1. Love this! Must explain my vertigo and how dizzy I’ve been feeling lately. 😏 But in all seriousness, this is pretty mind blowing stuff. Makes you realise how small and insignificant we all are.

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    1. The parallel between how unique and insignificant we are at the same time is a complex one. Yet overall it does make life beautiful 🙂

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  2. It is, indeed, mind blowing when we stop to contemplate our place on Planet Earth and in the Universe. We are, in fact, space travelers. We’re all on this journey through space and time together.

    Dear fellow traveler, thanks for signing up to follow my blog 🙂

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