Chapter 2, part 4, Perception and Focus. What does it all mean?

Let’s now double your age from five to ten, imagine how many more experiences you would have had. How many times do you think you would have cried or faced bullies? How much did you learn in school? How many times did your parents yell at you or give you a smack? What about falling over or failing in life? How many times did you feel like a fool or wet the bed? And what about all the other emotions you would have felt such as loneliness, being upset, devastated, isolated, feeling unimportant, sick and so forth? Though let’s not forget about the positive emotions either. How many times did you feel loved, cherished, supported, connected, driven, smart, successful or even cool?

These emotions are all anchors. They can connect to any experience in your life and create lasting neurotransmitters. I began talking about the age of five, but really, ever since you were born emotions were occurring and linking to experiences. Imagine how many of these links have occurred by the age of ten. Millions of neurotransmitters exist because you simply got out of bed and walked out into the world.

Okay, so now that you know all of this ‘what does it all mean?’ So far we have discussed neurotransmitters, hunters and gatherers, naughty children and Hitler! What the hell am I on about? Well, let’s get to part of the punch line.

Bring yourself back to the present moment. Hello! Without even knowing it there are belief systems in your mind, that are defining your life. These belief systems are both positive and negative. For fun, let’s look at what some of these strengths and weaknesses are.

Do you like heights? Are you good with numbers? Are you good around love interests? Do you take control? Do you sit back and let others lead? Oh… WAIT!!! Oops, stop, I have to start over. All of these are actually bad examples that we see people conquer via reality TV shows. The real belief systems that excel or limit your life often fall in different areas which you don’t even focus on. Instead, ask yourself the following…

In your mind are people good or bad? Is life just? Are you free? Is the world full of evil? Are you lucky or unlucky? Do people judge you? Are you beautiful? Are you doing enough in life? Are you a good person? Have you tried hard enough? Is your current career worthy of you? Are you happy? Do you wonder why you keep making the same mistakes? Is there more out there in the world? Is there just pain out in the world? Will what you have done ever be enough? Will what you do ever matter? Who are you? Why are you here? And inevitably, what is the meaning of life?

If reading the above has made you sad because you believe a lot of your responses were negative, please stop for a moment, breathe, relax and know that soon you will have knowledge as to why you ask yourself these questions. But more specifically, you will know why you believed you answered negatively or positively to these questions. Knowledge is potential power which means you can take control over your perception. Your reactions are not based on truths, but rather your own perception of what is true.

Truth Jamie Lee Woodman a.k.a The Lonely Spaceman

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