The Heart Vs Logic

You will hear me say this time and time again, because for me this is one of the greatest truths of our existence. Life is a balance, and most of our needs, wants and desires are in polar effect.

I speak about this (once again) as the question has been raised regarding the heart and pure logic. This of cause revolves around another mystery of life, which beyond all of it’s definitions has left the best of philosophers in pure ignorance… Love…

Yes… Love can be defined and we can make sense of it in one form or another. One day this year I will undoubtedly tell you my own explanation of love, and if your lucky I will use juicy words such as God, evolution and quantum mechanics to prove my point, but this isn’t why we are here today.

The heart vs Logic. What an utter pain the ass! Both seam at parallel with each other and both make us question which we should follow.

Logic is easy. It’s simple and it’s usually based on fact. 99% of the time logic is right, but when it comes to love (the heart) things become more complicated. Why? Because you are dealing with yourself (who is a person…. unless you are a very smart pig that has learned to read and am reading this right now. In which case, good on you with your cute ears and what I can only imagine as being small reading glasses that you must be wearing) and another person. The moment you add two people to the stew things become very messy and 99% logic can become more tangible (don’t worry, there is no pork in this stew.. Good on ya buddy!!).

See, two separate people with their previous wounding’s and heart aches from previous relationships (and hurts from misfortunes gone by) make life very complicated. You don’t know where the other persons mind really lays. They could be in love with you, you with them, them a little bit with you but not sure, they could question if you’re the one and so forth. But YOU (who is waiting to bring up some cute piglets) don’t know which side of the fence you sit on. So the only thing to do is wither go with your heart, or take logic. So which one should you take?

I am going to be unprofessional and go into my own experience here (or rather, I am going to state that this is about a little pig so that it sounds more professional… and cute) but the heart can be a risky game. I did it once.. (whoops, I meant to say I know of a cute little pig who did it once)… And it led to two years of hell. During this time the innocent little pig almost became bacon. Luckily this pig had an awakening at the end of the trail and learned how to read… Okay, now I am confusing myself. No more pig references… oink!!!

My point is, people are unpredictable, and when it comes to the heart we need to be careful. We can’t just rush in, trying to be the savior or the hero (like in Karpman’s drama triangle) every time! Why? Because most times logic does prevail. If it smells like a pig, looks like a pig, oinks like a pig, then guess what, it’s time to let logic dictate your actions.

But!!!! For those that decide to run with your heart please be careful. What you are about to do is both bold and idiotic. It also can lead you down a dark path if it does not work. But what is life without risks (you ask)? Slightly more boring but safer… It could mean losing the love of your life or saving you from one of the most traumatic moments of your life… So I guess the question is ‘how much of a risk taker are you?’

Probably the best thing to do (and this is at another great risk) is to leave the decision up to the other person. State your case (if such a task is required) and let them realise how wonderful you are. And if they don’t, it’s their loss… You can’t push love on someone, and you are more likely to get it by standing by your guns and showing you have pride rather than bending of backwards for them trying to prove your right to be in their life.

I am sure there are lucky people out there who have gone with the heart, taken the risk and succeeded. In which case I can’t rule this out completely. But if you want my honest opinion… Logic wins out most of the time, and we have to draw on our own previous experiences to lead us in a direction we think is best. Heck! Maybe it’s the wrong choice, and maybe you simply need to give the other person time to work their S*%t out. Who knows! The choice is inevitably up to you, yet a choice is always best rather than letting it linger on.

Hopefully this makes sense to you. And if you are a person that goes with your heart, thinking every time that things will work out for you, well… All I can say is that you have more chance of pigs flying (or even reading books) than this being an easy road for you……

Either way, I wish you the best of luck.


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