Flesh and Blood

I made a promise to myself to never vent on this blog, whoops. But please, if you find the below confronting don’t take it as a rant, look inward. Does the below ring any bells?

Over the past couple of years I have been slowly heading into the hippy scene. There are many things that are beautiful in this area of life including self love, though there are rocky parts as well. One of the most common problems (and most REAL hippies would agree with me on this) with these types of people are that they are so deep in their own workings that they don’t realise how self centered and egotistical they have become. The greatest comment being ‘I have no ego’ which usually holds a title of ‘I am better than others’ or ‘this is the true path to life and I know it!’

I am not going to get into an argument with self denial hippies about my above statements, as in 10 years time you might finally look at yourself and go ‘WOW, I was a wanker!’ But until then, talking to you at the current moment is more like talking to a brick wall. Yet I haven’t even gotten to the topic I want to discuss yet.

Often I will see people doing Facebook posts about gay rights, immigration issues, politics, helping others and so forth. Many people are always pushing their issues online and venting their frustrations with the world. Yet the kink in this chain is the fact that when it comes to dealing with a fellow human (flesh and blood), they are nothing but obnoxious, arrogant self centered pricks. It appears great to throw out messages to the world about peace and prosperity, though unfortunately, for most, this is just an egoic reaction in regards to dealing with your own S*%t.

What is the point of Facebooking your so called noble causes whilst you treat your neighbor, friend or lover like a piece of meat? Think about it… You don’t have control over the government, nor the immigration issue, yet right before you is flesh and blood! People that need to be treated with respect and kindness. They need your ability to not cheat, not be so self involved, to not disrespect them. They need you to be honest and to get out of your egoic mind of ‘This is my life and it’s all about me’ for two seconds, and respect them.

True change does not come through delusions of grandeur in changing the world. It comes from making a difference with the people around you. Changing their lives for the better, helping them out. It can be a homeless person on the street that you have never given money to because of ‘Your story’ about why they are there. Have you stopped and talked with them? Have I?

So before you own your personal crusade of saving the world and talking crap to others (trying to justify your existence) please look at yourself in the mirror. Or better yet, look at the person next to you. Look at the people that are kind to you. Look at the people that are true flesh and blood and ask them if they are okay. Look at your decisions in life and don’t glaze over the naughty parts with justifications. OWN IT!!! This is true change, this is true affect, and this is your truth.


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