The Student and the Teacher

I have walked this Earth for some time now and have always considered myself a student. Of cause, I will never want this to change. Even the greatest of teachers will state that constant learning and self development is not something that should ever be lost, even in the greatest of minds. Yet if this is the case, what is the difference between the student and the teacher?

The student will often make the mistake of looking towards the future, or seeing that he/she is not up to the level that they need to be. This of cause leaves the student open to pain and disappointment because they have linked an emotion and a focus towards the future, and set themselves up for failure if they don’t meet their own standards.

A true teacher accepts the path they are on and the reality which is the present moment. They know that the present is destined as it has already occurred. The past has to be accepted and the present has to be embraced in pure love.

Acceptance is an important step we must all take. Self doubt, worry and fear often do not belong in the present. By accepting that where you are right now is meant to be you can then relax and ask the universe what message you are supposed to be receiving. I personally believe that it is ourselves that gives us that meaning, yet we will never find it if we don’t first accept where we are now.

A true teacher gives of himself/herself without thought of receiving anything back. Their ego is not affected if their information is received well or not. They accept whatever consequence comes their way and ask the question ‘why is it so?’ They do this without judgement on whether something is good or bad, for we do not know the future. Even the worst things that happen in our life can lead to a beautiful place, it just has not occurred yet. In short, a teacher simply is…


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