Calling the title of my first ever blog ‘Me’ is a bit of a conundrum. After having a mass awakening earlier this year (2015), the first step in my process of self-love was to arrive at a non-duality work shop. I was really excited at this time as I had just begun a new journey of self exploration. But of cause, the first thing they tell you at a non-duality workshop is that the use of the word ‘I’ followed by the word ‘journey’ is incorrect. Due to the excitement of my new found ‘journey’ this was freaking frustration 🙂

They taught me that it was only ‘one without a second’ and the word ‘journey’ implies that you have to reach somewhere else rather than just be in the present moment. Now I have to admit that this did make sense, yet although I agreed and greatly respect what the teachings had to offer, I was not yet willing to walk down this line of thought. There was a lot to learn in Eastern Methodology, and this was only the first ‘concept’ (and I am sure they would love me calling it this) that I had opened my mind to.

But wait! Stop! I have already gone too far. I can’t start talking about the concept of ‘me’ or ‘The Meaning of Life’ until we delve much deeper. Let’s start at the beginning… Which fondly enough is at the end… Well…. It will all make sense eventually…


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