There are 196 countries, over 7 billion people alive, 3000 religions, 5000 planes in the air at any given time whilst there are 360,000 births and 151,600 deaths each day.

You will only meet up to 10,000 people in your lifetime if you are lucky. That means that you will never meet 6999,990,000 people that exist in this world right now. In fact, with the birth rates as listed above, it means that within the next hour there will be another 15,000 babies born that you will never meet.

There are 24 hours, 1440 minutes or 86,440 seconds within each day. During that time how much do you remember?

Hi, I’m Jamie and I think waaayyyyy too much. I have worked hard on creating a high production podcast with interviews, varied opinions, science knowledge, historical facts and much, much more. I cover a lot of philosophical, scientific ground whilst delving into the largest topics that the human mind has ever created. Some of these topics are: The meaning of life, perception and focus, do we have free will? Nature verses nurture, and much much more. I also do blogs via this page prior to the release of these podcast.

 I have nothing to sell and I try to keep my opinions as opened minded as possible. I also did this really corny 1 minute video (below) which has zero reflection on what I do. Enjoy…

 New podcasts are coming out in 2019. Thanks for dropping by.


The Lonely Spaceman a.k.a some dude…

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