Look at this strapping lad, what a man!

After  23.547 years of depression I one day hit my lowest point. As I gave up on life and feared the worst something snapped!

This is where you would expect me to ‘enter the sales pitch here’ but that’s not what I am going to do. You see, I didn’t choose the high road to riches or fame, quite the opposite in fact. I chose a job looking after others which was 15K less a year than what I was earning, I dropped many of my best friends, I isolated myself, and I tortured myself by delving into my history.

Once again, I should enter the sales pitch here, but I won’t. Selling a Disney story about how life works out amazing because of one life changing moment is as evil as a door to door knife salesman. Sure, you buy the glossy knives that will cut through everything for starters but then you cut your own hand and you think… ‘this wasn’t on the brochure?’ So yes, my life changed, and in many way’s for the better, yet life goes on…

So, on this site I look at science and spirituality. Often I think that most people are searching for the same thing though have different perspectives on how to get there. I like finding the similarities within humanity and also the differences which make life so much fun. I don’t take life too seriously yet I do try to learn as much as I can about the most important aspects of life.

Welcome to The Lonely Spaceman’s brain.

So check out my corny as hell 1 minute video below (which does sound like a sales pitch, sorry, I was going through a faze….) and listen to some of the more recent podcasts (it took me a while to nail the formula but I got there in the end). Look out for my public speaking and if you have any questions either do it here or on the Facebook/Instagram sites.

Thanks for dropping by.

Jamie Lee Woodman  a.k.a The Lonely Spaceman

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